Thoughts and Grading exams for CEM131/BIO220

First a note about my drop test policy.  While I may make exceptions in a VERY limited fashion to things that occur before a test is given, I do not make post-test accommodations.  The dropped exam policy was specifically put in place to allow the normal issues that come up in life to not adversely affect your grade (illness, car trouble, etc.).  It was NOT put there to help you make up for a poor performance, if it does do this in the end that is a benefit, but not the aim of the policy.  You are expected to attend every class and take every exam, but if you can’t the occasional miss will not hurt the grade you have, that grade that you earned.

Second, on cheating, don’t do it.  There was a recent rash of cheating in one of the JC programs, resulting in a number of students being removed from said program.  I am not nearly as lenient.  Some may call me hardass, but I look at it as simply recording your lack of ethics for future posterity.  When several of the cheaters in the above scandal were questioned their response was “everyone does it, so you have to work to stop us from doing it.”  No, you do not just cheat, you choose to pursue an unethical and morally corrupt decision and then blame society for your failures.  Remember, I am judge, jury, and executioner with regards to cheating and I DO NOT TOLERATE IT.  Don’t give me a reason to have to deal with it.

Finally, the exams yesterday and today in CEM131 and BIO220.  I will not get to grading them until at least Sunday.  I am presently working on a large administrative project dealing with aligning the curriculum to the new Pathways initiative and this is taking a large amount of my “free time” (yeah, I just stifled a laugh) till Sunday.  So don’t wear the refresh button out on your browser hoping for early results, you can wait… if you really want to know after you take it that is.