Week 3/27 – 3/30

CEM131: We will be finishing Chapter 6 this week.  I am pushing the exam back to Monday (4/3) so that we can spend a little more time on the calculations.  For lab we will be doing the Stoichiometry of a Hydrate.

BIO220: We will be finishing Chapter 9 and Evolutionary theory on Tuesday and then Chapter 10 on Thursday.  I am pushing the test till Tuesday next week (4/4) so that we don’t have to rush tomorrow.  For lab we will be collecting the plate data, discussing identifications, and working on the Gram Stain and Streak Competencies.  Assignment 1 for the presentation is due this Tuesday (3/28)

BIO161: We have the exam on Tuesday.  The exam will be followed by our first dissection lab and a discussion of the formal lab requirements.  Thursday we will start Chapter 33.