Beginning Videos for Chemistry

In BIO220 we assume that you have had a functional grasp of Chemistry, hence the phrase “strong background in biology is recommended” (which requires chemistry) is in the catalog description.  While chemistry isn’t the point of this course, it is inevitably interwoven in any course that touches on molecular biology (Units 2-4 in this class).  The Pathways system is not supposed to let you take BIO220 right out of the gate, but it seems to miss that more often than I would like. However, I only have about a lecture and a half to get through basic chemistry review, so below are a couple of videos to help those who may be struggling.

Basic Atomic Structure (Khan Academy)

Basic Bonding (Khan Academy, you can skip metallic bonding)

Basic Biomolecules (Amoeba Sisters)

Properties of Water (Amoeba Sisters)