Introductory Microbiology (BIO220)

Tea Fungi
Fungal colonies growing on stagnant iced tea.

Course Materials

Grades for the Class

  • Post Exam 1 Grades
  • Post Exam 2 Grades
  • Post Exam 3 Grades
  • Post Exam 4 Grades
  • Final Grades

Lab Materials

  • Nature of Science, Report Template
  • Gram-Stain Protocol
  • Endospore Stain Protocol
  • Streak Plate Isolation
  • Dilution Plate Isolation – Report Template
  • Growth Rate Worksheet
  • The Effect of Heat on Microbes Experiment – Report Template
  • Most Probable Number Method – Report Template
  • Differential and Selective Media Usage – Report Template
  • Unknown Data Set

PowerPoint Files from Class

Archived Syllabuses

More current ones can be found on the JetNet archive.