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Hello to all the new students.  This is my external website that I use as a Course Archive and Announcement page.  The website is based on a WordPress setup so many of you are probably familiar with the layout, but just in case here are a few pointers.

This is the Homepage.  Here is where I will post course announcements.  Each announcement will be tagged by class so you can use the tags to filter for your class.  You should keep this page bookmarked as it will have the most current status of the course, so if times get changed or class gets cancelled, it will be here first.

To the left (on a desktop/tablet) or in the hamburger menu (on mobile devices) are the individual course page listings.  Each class has its own archive.  These are where I will post the materials for the course and any handouts I may give.  I post all my PowerPoint files and numerous other files, but I do not provide a “course pack.”  I feel that such devices do not help you learn, but rather to simply memorize material.  In order to truly learn you must put information in your own context, not mine.  If you miss a class you are responsible to get the information (including schedule changes) you missed.  I will provide you with sections covered and schedule changes (if asked) but not notes for a missed class (ask a colleague).

BIO140 Pre-Presentation Grades

I have finished all grading for the BIO140 class except the final presentation grades.  The grade sheet (also on the BIO140 page) assumes you have gotten a zero on the final presentation, so this is as low as your grade can go.  Obviously finishing the presentation will raise your grade.

BIO140 Quiz Answers

As I said in class, I am posting the answers to the last quiz we took, since you will not have a chance to get it back prior to the final on Tuesday.  As to the other quizzes from this half of the term, I have given each of those back, so you should have them to study from.  Last time I publish the other quizzes because I forgot to bring two of them to class to hand back, so you were missing three, this time that is not the case.

NOTE:  Like the midterm, you will be able to bring a 3X5 index card, handwritten, both sides for use.  In addition, while the material will be based on the previous quizzes I reserve the right to add a few more “in depth” questions to test your integration of the material (as opposed to simple memorization).

Quiz 10 Answers

Week of November 28, particular attention BIO220

Welcome back from the annual dinosaur carving holiday.  I hope you enjoyed the Lions winning, and to UoM fans, I don’t think it was a first down either (my team lost by 40 points in their last game).  To the Buckeye fans, hope you like that next game because it won’t be pretty for you (no offensive scores in regulation, really).

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  We have four weeks left in class and that is both a lot of time and not much at the same time.  If you are doing okay, four weeks is too long to slack off and keep doing well.  If your grade is not where you want it, four weeks isn’t a lot of time to bring it up.  All of my classes have at least one test left and two of them have major projects left, so stay focused and look to the finish line.

The major change for this week will come in BIO220.  With campus closed over the holiday I started unknown cultures before break, but couldn’t check on them.  Technically I could probably eek through with what I have, but some of you would really not like me for the cultures you got, so I am changing the schedule for class this week a little.  We are going to run lab during the Thursday timeslot (don’t worry 1.5 hours is enough, but I’ll be around at 10:30, just in case).  We will run the lecture from 9-12 on Tuesday (yes, we will take a break) and I’ll introduce the Unknown Project from 12-12:30.  The take home message is that those of you who have been missing Thursday class quite often, should probably focus on coming to class this week. Yes, your lab is due on TUESDAY.



  • Tuesday – Chapter 14, Start Unknown (background)
  • Thursday – Unknown Assignment 1 (plate setup, Gram-stain, etc.)


  • Tuesday – Exam 4 (Animals Intro through Protostomes), Lab (Squid, Perch, and finish Protostomes), Formal Lab due for Tuesday Lab.
  • Thursday – Deuterostomes, Lab (same), Formal Lab due for Thursday Lab.


  • Tuesday – Chapter 26-28

Weekly Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the coming class days


  • Tuesday (11/8) – Weekly Quiz, Chapter 13-16, CS3 is due, Presentation 2 is due


  • Tuesday (11/8) – EXAM 3, Brine Shrimp lab/Squid Dissection
  • Thursday (11/10) – Chapter 33, Daily Quiz, Brine Shrimp lab/Squid Dissection


  • Tuesday (11/8) – Chapter 9, Streak Plate Isolation 1, Gram Stain Test 1, Collect Data on Heat Experiment, Set Up Tube Incubation.
  • Thursday (11/10) – Chapter 10