BIO161 Final Grades

I have finished the grading for BIO161.  The median on the final exam was 75%, so there was no curve applied.  A number of you just didn’t do the cladogram, so that was 20 points you left right there on the table.  I will be posting these to the JC server on Saturday, so please contact me with any concerns before then.

P.S. yes, I went back and added the two points I forgot in E4.

Tuesday Lab

Thursday Lab

Have a nice break.

BIO161 Penultimate Grades

Yep, I finally got the BIO161 grades done.  Here are the gradebooks.

Tuesday Grades

Thursday Grades

First, this grade assumes you have a zero on the final, so your grade can get no lower than this.  The last column (to 2.0) is the graded needed (out of 100) on the final for you to get a 2.0.  If you are above 2.0 now, you will at least pass.  Before you ask me, to determine your possible final grade, just determine the final points needed for a grade (i.e. for a 4.0 you would multiple 905 by 0.9, getting 814.5 points), then subtract your current score.

Second, I looked for the best way to grade LQ3/4 to your advantage.  The best way was to take a combined score (50 pts.) then count the first 25 points you got to LQ3 and any left over to LQ4.

BIO140 Pre-Presentation Grades

I have finished all grading for the BIO140 class except the final presentation grades.  The grade sheet (also on the BIO140 page) assumes you have gotten a zero on the final presentation, so this is as low as your grade can go.  Obviously finishing the presentation will raise your grade.

Exam One… and Daily Quizzes

I’ve been grading exam one for both BIO220 and BIO161.  First, let me tell the BIO220 students a little anecdote.  Do you know the number one thing I hear from former BIO220 students who are now in the nursing program?  It is always the same, “I wish I still had your tests Dr. Ireland, they were so much easier.”  I don’t think my exams are easy, but I think the students don’t realize that each move forward in their career is going to involve large jumps in difficulty, not small steps, so when they get to the nursing program (a second-admit program), they face a much bigger challenge.  Some of you are going to be disappointed in your BIO220 exam grades, I can’t help that.  I can only tell you to try and learn from the experience because it isn’t going to get easier.

Off to finish grading the BIO161 exams.  Hopefully, they leave me in a different mood.  By the way, it should be obvious from the syllabus and schedule, but the new chapter we cover is Chapter 26, and yes there will be a quiz tomorrow.