Final CEM131 Scores

Congratulations to my CEM131 class.  You guys scored 2 pts. above the national median on the ACS final and one person scored in the 99th percentile.  As promised I normalized the score to the national mean rather than your own (giving you the benefit of scoring above the mean) and have calculated the final grades.  Below is a link to the final PDF, please look it over, point grades will be assigned by the percentiles in the syllabus and posted in 48 hours.

CEM131 Final Grades

Penultimate BIO161 Grades

The following are your grades for BIO161, minus the final exam.  Note that the grades take account for a dropped lab, exam, lab quiz and three daily quizzes.  The last exam did not have a curve because the average was too high.  The grade sheet also calculates your final grade with the final counted in, so it is lower than expected.  You can expect to raise it by your final grade divided by ten.

Penultimate BIO161 Grades

CEM131 Penultimate Grades

Note that the Post Exam 5 grades are posted for CEM131.  This grade has dropped the daily quizzes, lab and exam.  However, it has also reworked the equation for final grades to account for the 10% final.  Therefore, whatever grade you get on the final, divided by 10, will be added to the grade on this sheet… or if you don’t take the final you will get this grade.

Penultimate Grades for CEM131

Final Week Schedule

Here is the schedule for the final week.

  • Monday:  BIO220 Talks
  • Tuesday:  CEM131 and BIO161 Exam 5 (no labs)
  • Wednesday:  BIO220 Talks
  • Thursday:  CEM131/BIO161 Final Exams

Grades are due the following Monday (December 16, 2013), but I typically post them for 24 hours on the website before I enter the final grades so you can catch any last minute errors.

PowerPoint Files and Such

The PowerPoint files have been updated for CEM131, BIO220, and BIO161.  The Podcasts have had to be suspended due to some technical errors on my equipment end (but I did always say that was possible).  The grades have also been updated to the last exam.

Final Grades submitted

All Winter 2013 class grades have been submitted.  Any changes that need to be made will now have to go through a formal grade change request which can be found on the Academic Deans Website of JCC.  Have a nice break and see some of you next year.