Basic Website Navigation

Hello to all the new students.  This is my external website that I use as a Course Archive and Announcement page.  The website is based on a WordPress setup so many of you are probably familiar with the layout, but just in case here are a few pointers.

This is the Homepage.  Here is where I will post course announcements.  Each announcement will be tagged by class so you can use the tags to filter for your class.  You should keep this page bookmarked as it will have the most current status of the course, so if times get changed or class gets cancelled, it will be here first.

To the left (on a desktop/tablet) or in the hamburger menu (on mobile devices) are the individual course page listings.  Each class has its own archive.  These are where I will post the materials for the course and any handouts I may give.  I post all my PowerPoint files and numerous other files, but I do not provide a “course pack.”  I feel that such devices do not help you learn, but rather to simply memorize material.  In order to truly learn you must put information in your own context, not mine.  If you miss a class you are responsible to get the information (including schedule changes) you missed.  I will provide you with sections covered and schedule changes (if asked) but not notes for a missed class (ask a colleague).

Change Over for the Term

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It is that time, change of term.  The new term (WS17) at JC college starts on January 16th (yes MLK day, I don’t make the schedule).  This term I am teaching Introductory Chemistry (CEM131, M/W afternoon, Main), Introductory Microbiology (BIO220, T/R morning, Main), and General Biology 1 (BIO161, T/R afternoon, Main).  I have updated the syllabus downloads on the individual course pages, and posted them to the JetNet Syllabus archive.  Over the next few days I’ll be updating the rest of the content for this term.  See all of you on the 16th or 17th.

Course Refresh

It is the start of the year, so I have archived last term and reset the course pages for the Winter 2016 term.  You will find the new syllabuses and schedules there, and below.

  • BIO161 – General Biology 1
  • BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology
  • CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

I expect all students to have the text(s) for the course within the first week of class.

New Blog Address and Layout

Under Construction

I can never leave well enough alone so I am again working on my course website.  As usual I am sticking to a WordPress Installation on my own domain space, but most importantly I have moved the blog to a top-level address ( to remove the confusion some people were having with the old class site (  I’ll be tweaking the site over the summer, adding and updating materials as I go so everything can be ready for the start of Fall Semester 2013 at JCC.

I am keeping the old blog around for a while at the original address for archival purposes, but the new blog will be the only one I can attest to function for (mainly since I will be moving files around).

Here is to seeing everyone at the start of term.