Thoughts for Week of April 10th

CEM131: We will be finishing up the Gases chapter this week and starting on Solutions.  The Hardness of Water lab is this week’s lab fun.

BIO220: We will continue with Eukarya pathogens and start Unknowns.  I have posted the current grades, please review missing materials.

BIO161:  We will finish Protostomes on Tuesday and then the Exam on Thursday.  The lab will either be the field hike or dissection, depending on weather.

Week 7 Schedule

This is week 7 of the term (out of 15).  We are reaching the midterm, so it is time to be honest with yourself about your grade.  If you are not where you want to be, you need to be thinking seriously about what needs to change.


  • Monday: Daily Quiz (vocabulary for chapter 5), Chapter 5
  • Wednesday: Daily Quiz, Chapter 5, Lab
  • Note:  You need to know the polyatomic ions in Table 7 of the text (pg. 173)


  • Tuesday: Daily Quiz (especially the Supergroups and subgroups they represent), Protists, Lab on Fungi/Plants
  • Thursday: Daily Quiz, Protists


  • Tuesday: Chapter 6/7, Lab on MPN, finish Heat Effect
  • Thursday: Chapter 7

Next Exams Dates (Changed)

  • CEM131: March 21, 2016
  • BIO161: March 15, 2016
  • BIO220: March 15, 2016


BIO220 Presentation Assignment 2

We will be discussing this tomorrow, but the modified Assignment 2 for the Student Presentations is now posted on the class page.  The assignment will be due next Tuesday and differs slightly from the syllabus copy.  I took a section of assignment 2 out and added more description of goals into the remaining material.

Note, this assignment will need to be emailed to me.

Assignment 2

Week 9

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (3/24): Chapter 31, start Chapter 32, Daily Quiz
  • Thursday (3/26): Daily Quiz, Finish Chapter 32
  • Lab (3/24): Fungus Lab, finish Cnidaria and Porifera

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (3/24): Chapter 8, LR for Heat Effects is Due, Discuss Talk Assignment 2
  • Thursday (3/26): Chapter 8/9
  • Lab (3/24): Retry Isolation Streak, Collect Data for LR3, Setup Dilution Plate Experiment

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (3/23): Daily Quiz, Chapter 6
  • Wednesday (3/25): Daily Quiz, Chapter 6

Projected Exam Dates (tentative)

  • BIO161 – Tuesday, March 31
  • BIO220 – Thursday, April 2
  • CEM131 – Wednesday, April 1

Pre E5 Grades and Lab Quiz

The grades for Pre-E5 in BIO161 are here.  This reflects a dropped lab and two of three dropped quizzes.

The lab quiz will focus on the major anatomy of the dissections and the major features of the jarred organismal groups.

BIO161 Exam

I have decided to have a little fun with the cladogram on the exam tomorrow.  Instead of having you work with the clade names (i.e. phyla names), I’ll give you specific organisms and have you populate the cladogram from those.

Moo ha ha…