CEM241 Topics & Lecture Schedule

Course Schedule

CEM241 – Organic Chemistry I

Week Class Topic Chapter
Week 1 Lewis Structures, Bonding, and Arrow Formalism TBD
Week 2 Resonance & Molecular Orbital Theory TBD
Week 3 Hybridization of Orbitals TBD
Week 4 Chemical Properties of Molecules TBD
Week 5 Alkanes TBD
Week 6 Alkanes TBD
Week 7 Cycloalkanes TBD
Week 8 Stereochemistry TBD
Week 9 Stereochemistry TBD
Week 10 Free Radical Chemistry TBD
Week 11 Free Radical Chemistry TBD
Week 12 Alkyl Halides TBD
Week 13 Alkyl Halides TBD
Week 14 Alkenes TBD
Week 15 Alkenes TBD

Unit Chapters Covered Exam Date
I Basics, Bonding, and Molecular Orbitals TBD
II Properties, Alkanes, and Cycloalkanes TBD
III Stereochemistry and Free Radicals TBD
IV Alkyl Halides and Alkenes TBD

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