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Manage Your Care Team

  • Save you and your family's doctors, insurance information and more.
  • Easily access office locations and phone numbers directly from your Care Team page.
  • Help others find the best care by giving your doctor a star rating and leaving a written review listing what you liked - or didn't like - about your visit.

Book Doctor Appointments

  • For added convenience, you can narrow your search to doctors who use online scheduling.
  • In your results, under the Availability section, select the search filter “Schedules online.
  • Choose a time slot that works best for you and book your appointment in real time.

Compare Doctors With MyHealthMatch™

  • Compare doctors side by side on the factors that matter most to you.
  • Search for a specialist based on over 1,350 conditions and procedures.
  • Results are sorted by our proprietary Match Score.
  • 100% private and secrure.

Discounts & Specials

  • Save on prescription medicine with HealthgradesRx (powered by OptumPerks), which beats the competition 70% of the time.
  • Stock up on everything health related with exclusive discounts to OptumStore.
  • Be the first to know about limited-time partnerships and discounts from other leading health-related brands.
  • 100% private and secrure.

Personalize & Stay Informed

personalize section
  • Receive timely and personalized content on the latest research, trending articles and tips to be your healthiest.
  • Get appointment reminders for your annual check-ups.
  • 100% private and secrure.

Using Healthgrades

Taking advantage of Healthgrades features

Why Trust Healthgrades

Through our strict and transparent review process, Healthgrades empowers patients to share their experience with others. See the steps we take to ensure quality and integrity.

1:20 Minutes

Doctor Search

Go beyond a basic doctor search by location, insurance and ratings -- Instead dive deeper into a doctor's background, experience and facilities they practice at with Healthgrades doctor search.

1:30 Minutes

Hospital Search

You found the perfect doctor - GREAT! But have you thought about which hospital you may be visiting? Not all hospitals are created equal. Find top hospitals for your needs with Healthgrades hospital search.

1:10 Minutes

Power Tips

Get the most out of Healthgrades with our Power Tips video guides.

Using Experience Check

Detailed treatment and background information on your provider.

20 Seconds

Healthgrades Choice™

Use the “Easy Button” to find the right doctor.

25 Seconds

Using Search Filters

Combine filters to shorten your search time.

30 Seconds

Affiliated Hospitals

See how to combine your doctor search with your hospital search.

25 Seconds

Search by Location

Determine when location based searches are most helpful.

20 Seconds