Week of September 30th

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday
    • BIO220 – Glycolysis and Respiration
  • Tuesday
    • CEM131 – Finish Chapter 5 (Daily Quiz), Radiation lab
    • BIO161 – Chapter 27, start Chapter 28 (Daily Quiz), Prokaryote lab
  • Wednesday
    • BIO220 – Respiration and start Chapter 6
  • Thursday
    • CEM131 – Exam 2
    • BIO161 – Chapter 28 (Daily Quiz)

Schedule for the Week of September 9th

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday
    • BIO220 – Library Research Day
  • Tuesday
    • CEM131 – Chapter 3/Lab 3
    • BIO161 – Chapter 22
  • Wednesday
    • BIO220 – Assignment 1 for the presentation is due, Chapter 4
  • Thursday
    • CEM131 – Exam 1 (Chapters 1-3)
    • BIO161 – Chapter 23 (Exam 1 will be on Tuesday, 9/17/13)

Apologies and Explanation

I would like to say I can do everything I think I can do but I cannot and I think it has come time that you guys deserve an explanation.  I’ve mentioned in class that I am suffering from a muscle problem but haven’t specified what type, today I got my diagnosis confirmed by a second doctor as a rare condition called dermatomyositis.  It is an autoimmune condition (meaning it is caused by my own immune system attacking me) that attacks my skin and muscle tissue.  On the outside, if you look closely you will see a dull red rash across the back of my knuckles and on my face (the hallmark of the disease), but internally I am undergoing a slow destruction of my core muscle groups.  As of right now the muscle damage is manageable and can be forestalled (though not cured), but it does make it more difficult for me to climb stairs and stand for long periods of time.  The disease mechanism is such that it also makes me overly worn out (imagine how you feel after a long day at the gym, that is my normal state).  Within the next month I will be starting a low dose immune suppressant to try and stop the progression of the disease, but that comes with its own side effects.

I am not telling you this for sympathy or as an excuse per se, but rather to make you aware why I might not be going the many extra miles I normally would like to.  In a normal semester I would be reworking all my PowerPoints with new materials, making up pages of practice problems and working up new labs… this semester I just don’t have the energy.  So this term I am relying on some older PowerPoints, maybe not making as many practice problems and such, but I will always get the core of the material across.  I will always be in class unless I physically cannot be there and will always be available for questions.  As much as I hoped to not have this influence my classes I know it has and thought you all deserved an explanation.

Exam One – CEM131

Since this is a first run of a new class (CEM131 was restructured over the summer), I am not as sure of the dates for exams, but I guarantee you will have at least a week’s notice.  After the first one I should be able to gauge better our pace through the material.  The first exam will be next Thursday (9/12/13) and it will cover Chapters 1-3 in the text.  I’ll be posting new Mastering Chemistry assessments and practice problems over the weekend to help you study.

Presentation Topics

I ran through the topics and highlighted the used numbers.  There were a couple of repeats which I fixed.  There are still repeats in the list, but they are not used in the class.

Assignment One for BIO220

Assignment 1 (Due 9/11/13)

For the first assignment you must submit a list of a minimum of five (5) relevant reference sources for your microbe.  These references must be typed and formatted in the APA (the most common style guide for Nursing and Sciences) or MLA (the style used in English) style.  All references must have a direct attributable author (that means no Wikipedia) unless they come from military (.mil on the web), governmental (.gov on the web) or the United Nations (www.who.int). All web references must include the complete address for cross-checking, even though this is no longer formally part of the MLA or APA styles.  This assignment will be worth ten (10) points.

Mastering Chemistry

For this first run with the new computer system I will be adding assignments as extra practice for you.  I will not be grading these but the problem sets will help you expand on your learning so I highly advise you work through them.  Note that each text should come with an access code.  I have added an assignment set for Chapter 1.  It is set to be due on 9/9/13 but this is simply to remind you that you need to keep up with the work, not to calculate a grade, you can access the course after this time point.

The course is located by the following information.

  • Course ID: CEM131IRELANDFS13
  • Course Title: CEM131 Dr. Ireland FS2013