CV – Professional

John Andrew Walker Ireland, Ph.D.



Duke University (Durham, NC)
Ph.D. Microbiology
“The effects of aromatic amino acids and nucleotides on the germination of Bacillus anthracis endospores”

Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla)
B.S. Life Sciences/Chemistry (Dual Degrees)
Magna cum laude

Teaching Experience

2006 – Present
Jackson Community College (Jackson, MI)
Department of Sciences
Department Chair (2013-2016)
Professor (2009-Present)
Instructor (2006-2009)
General Biology (majors-level), General Chemistry (nonmajors) and Introductory Microbiology

Washtenaw Community College (Ann Arbor, MI)
Adjunct Instructor, Life Sciences Department
General Biology laboratory and General Genetics

Research and Corporate Experience

EMSL Analytical (Ann Arbor, MI)
Laboratory Director (2004-2006)
Midwest Microbiology Director (2003-2006)
Microbiology Manager (2002-2006)
Directed the day to day operations of a multi-center regional testing laboratory

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
Research Associate


Ireland J and Hanna P (2002) Macrophage Enhanced Germination of Bacillus anthracis Endospores requires gerS. Infect Immun 70(10):5870-5872

Ireland J and Hanna P (2002) Amino Acid- and Purine Ribonucleoside-Induced Germination of Bacillus anthracis [Delta]Sterne Endospores: gerS Mediates Responses to Aromatic Ring Structures. J Bacteriol 184(5):1296-1303.

Hanna P and Ireland J (1999) Understanding Bacillus anthracis pathogenesis. Trends Microbiol 7(5):180-2. Lutz PM, Wilson TJ, Ireland J, Jones AL, Gorman JS, Gale NL, Johnson JC, Hewett JE (1999) Elevated immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels in children with exposure to environmental lead. Toxicology 134(1):63-78.