Penultimate Grade Sheets for CEM131/BIO161

Prior to the Finals I am putting together gradesheets.  All drop grades have been accounted for and everything but the Final accounted for.  The new sheets have the following new columns.

  • Current Grade: Letter Grade without accounting for a Final
  • No Final: Percentage in the course if you do not take the final (i.e. 0/100 on Final)
  • To Keep:  The percentage grade you need on the final to keep your “Current” letter grade.
  • To Go Up: The percentage grade you need on the final to go up to the next letter grade. (if blank it is mathematically impossible to go up).

CEM131 Gradesheet

BIO161 Gradesheet / Prefinal Analysis

End of Term Schedule for CEM131

Here is the end of term schedule for CEM131:

APRIL 20: LECTURE – EXAM 4 (Gases and Solutions). LAB – Kinetics

APRIL 25:  LECTURE – Daily Quiz, Chapter 9 (Equilibrium)

APRIL 27:  LECTURE – Daily Quiz, Chapter 9 (Equilibrium) and Chapter 10 (Acid/Bases)  LAB – TBA

MAY 2:  LECTURE – Daily Quiz, Chapter 10 (Acid/Bases)



End of Term Schedule for BIO161

Here is the end of term schedule for BIO161:

APRIL 19: LECTURE – EXAM 4 (Animal Overview and Protostomes). LAB – Ecology Walk

APRIL 21:  LECTURE – Daily Quiz, Deuterostomes  ASSIGNMENT:  FORMAL LAB Due

APRIL 26:  LECTURE – Daily Quiz, Deuterostomes  LAB – Frog and Bird Dissection

APRIL 28:  LECTURE – Daily Quiz, Deuterostomes

MAY 3: LECTURE – EXAM 5 (Deuterostomes).  LAB – LAB Quiz 3/4


End of Term Schedule for BIO220

Here is the end of term schedule for BIO220:

APRIL 19: LECTURE – Protozoan Parasites (12), Parasitic Worms(12), and start Virology (13). LAB – Setup Tubes for Unknown, Report Gram and Endospore Stain.  ASSIGNMENTS: First Draft of Talk Due.

APRIL 21:  LECTURE – Virology (13) and start Epidemiology (14)

APRIL 26:  LECTURE – Epidemiology (14) and Pathogenesis (15).  LAB – Unknown Reporting.

APRIL 28:  LECTURE – EXAM 4 (12-15).  ASSIGNMENT:  Second Draft of Talk

MAY 3: TALKS 1-12

MAY 5: TALKS 13-18

Week Thirteen

Lucky week Thirteen, only three to go.

Monday – CEM131: Daily Quiz, Finish Chapter Eight, Discuss Problems.  Here are the answers to the last three questions on the study sheet (ignore #4)

Tuesday – BIO220 Lecture: Eukarya Parasites and Viruses (Talk Outline due), BIO220 Lab: Gram Stain of Unknown due and start Unknown tubes.  BIO161 Lecture: Exam 4, BIO161 Lab: Nature Walk (wear good shoes).  The lab has some terminology to look up, if you want to save some time, here is the lab to work on between the exam and lab.

Wednesday – CEM131 Lecture: Exam 4, CEM131 Lab: Kinetics

Thursday – BIO220: Viruses.  BIO161: Daily Quiz, Start Deuterostomes.

Week Eleven

It is week eleven and off to a fun start with me missing Monday (thanks to a busted radiator on my wife’s car).  Of course, I left on Thursday assuming that I would be in on Monday to collect materials to grade and that obviously didn’t happen.  I am trying to catch up on the grading but it make take me more than my usual one class period to get things back to you.

MONDAY: Class Cancelled

TUESDAY: BIO220 – Finish Chapter Ten (Systematics) and Labs to finish Competence five and work on six (Gram and Streak).  BIO161 – Start Introduction to the Animals (Chapter 33), Daily Quiz, Dissection and Brine Shrimp Experiment.

WEDNESDAY:  Start “Gases” with Daily Quiz, Go over Exam 3, Lab

THURSDAY:  BIO220 – Exam 3.  BIO161 – Daily Quiz, Go Over Exam 3 (if not completed on Tuesday), Finish Parazoa and Nonprotostome Inverebrates (Chapter 33) then start Protostomes (Chapter 34).

Cancelled Class on Monday 4/3/16

My apologies, but I have to cancel class on Monday.  The auto problem my wife had was larger than I thought (busted radiator) and the new radiator doesn’t come in till Monday morning.  She has to be in on Monday (since it is the day after break for her) so she gets my car.  Unfortunately I left the Scantron forms at school (was going to run them Monday morning), but the exams will be graded by Wednesday.  We will start on the Gases chapter on Wednesday.