Class for 4/14/14 – BIO220

My son Zachary has a 104 fever and therefore cannot go to daycare tomorrow.  We will not have class tomorrow, but we should be okay.  Please read chapters 14 and 15, focusing on the vocabulary and I’ll hit the key concepts when I come back.  The assignment for the presentation should be submitted electronically if possible, but can be submitted in person on Wednesday if need be, but you probably won’t get to go the first day of presentations then.

BIO161 Exams

Due to a variety of reasons both personal and professional, I have not completed the exams yet.  I will be returning them on Tuesday next week.

You do have a quiz today, I would look at the first four sections of Chapter 35.

Way to wait till the last minute

I’m sorry, but I have to be a bit snarky at this point.  We have three weeks left and still people are emailing me the day before an assignment is due.  I would cry but it is just too depressing.

For one more time, because I mentioned this during the lab and the class on Monday afternoon, the number column in the database is irrelevant.  Those were the ID numbers in a previous semester.  The other columns are tests that can be done.  Yes, we haven’t done them all, but you can still use the data (you will be doing the remaining ones tomorrow) to determine a dichotomous key.  Each step of a key is a simple yes/no construct where you are eliminating possibilities until you have only on possible outcome in each branch.


BIO161 Exam

I have decided to have a little fun with the cladogram on the exam tomorrow.  Instead of having you work with the clade names (i.e. phyla names), I’ll give you specific organisms and have you populate the cladogram from those.

Moo ha ha…

Videos dealing with Parasitic Worms

I thought I would post a few videos that deal with the specifics of parasitic worms and their interactions with their hosts.

This video (Youtube) details the lifecycle of a fish tapeworm and its interactions with the predator of the fish.

This video (Youtube) has a live tapeworm during a colonoscopy.  Unlike many genera of tapeworms, this particular genus has some movement ability.

This video (Youtube) demonstrates live pinworms.  I included this one mainly for a way to show relative size of these worms (note, Youtube considers this one scary or something, so you might need to sign in).

This video is a little disturbing, the removal of a 20 cm worm from an eye.

BIO161 Formal Labs – URGENT READ!

It has come to my attention that some people in class may have “borrowed” parts of their formal lab reports from another student without their knowledge.  I was perfectly clear that this type of behavior is considered cheating and will result in a failing grade for the assignment.  I have been looking at the materials and evidence and am pretty convinced this was not a casual or innocent mistake.  Since I am feeling in a generous mood, if the people come to me before the end of class tomorrow (4/3) I will consider allowing a full rewrite and resubmission at a significant penalty.  If they do not, they will receive a zero for the formal lab, and a letter will be sent to the Dean to be added to your transcript.

I do not take Academic Dishonesty lightly, nor is there a higher authority you can appeal to if I deem the work as cheating.  The professor of the course is the ultimate arbiter in these cases and my patience is wearing thin with this type of behavior.  I will not come to these students individually and try to get them to answer for this behavior, I will simply do as is my right and fail the work.

Week 12


  • BIO220.01 Lecture: Chapter 12, LR3 and Presentation Assignment 2 are due


  • BIO161.01 Lecture: Daily Quiz, Chapter 34
  • BIO161.01 Lab: Formal Lab is Due, Frog DIssection


  • BIO220.01 Lecture: Chapter 12-13
  • BIO220.01 Lab: Biochemical Analysis and Fungal Microscopy (bring your petri dishes)


  • BIO161.01 Lecture: Daily Quiz, Chapter 34