CEM131 Exam 2 Grades

I have posted the grades for the class post Exam 2.  Overall performance was good.  The class median score on the exam was a 69.5% and the high was an 89%, so I curved it 5% (technically should have been 4.5% but I rounded up).  That gave a curved high of 94% and a curved class median of 74.5%.

Post E-2 CEM131 Scores

I94… Again


Yep, yet again I am stuck on I94 in a traffic accident backup. I plan on being there for my 11 o’clock class, as long as this clears on the next hour.

UPDATE:  Yeah, I made it through, only a forty minute delay on the road.

HQV and Nonparticipation

Each of my classes has a stated nonparticipation policy and the consequences of that policy.  I am serious about this.  If you are not participating in the course I will drop you (as I did with a couple of people after today’s second exam in Chemistry), and no I don’t care how it affects your loans/grants/housing.  You get loans/grants/housing on the assumption you are actually going to class, if you are not, you are simply cheating the system and pissed that someone called you on it.  I will send you a courtesy email when I do ‘Q’ you out, but remember, only I can let you back in.

That is the end of my soapbox rant.

Grades for EXAM1-CEM131

I’ve finished grading the exam for CEM131 (yes, BIO classes I am working on them).  The following statistics are for Exam 1.

  • Class Median: 68%
  • Class High (uncurved): 90% (did not exceed 2 standard deviations)
  • Class Low (uncurved):47.5% (did not exceed 2 standard deviations)
  • Curve Applied: 6% (raises the median to 74%)

Schedule for Weeks 3/4

I’m going to do a combined schedule for Weeks 3/4 due to abbreviated nature of Week 3.

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Thursday (2/5): Chapter 23, Daily Quiz
  • Tuesday (2/10): Exam 1 (Chapter 26 will be shifted to Exam 2)
  • Thursday (2/12): Chapter 26, Daily Quiz
  • Lab (2/10): Natural Selection

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Thursday (2/5): Chapter 4
  • Tuesday (2/10): Exam 1
  • Thursday (2/12): Chapter 5
  • Lab (2/10): Finish Nature of Science, Gram Stain/Oil Immersion

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Wednesday (2/4): Chapter 2, Daily Quiz
  • Monday (2/9): Exam 1
  • Wednesday (2/11): Chapter 3, Daily Quiz

Classes are Go for tomorrow (2/4)

The snowpocalypse is over (assuming no more massive snows tonight) and my roads are clear.  Though it did involve myself and twelve of my neighbors forming a shovel posse to dig out our cul-de-sac and move some neighbors cars out of the road.  The county did finally plow our cul-de-sac later in the afternoon, but we felt proud of ourselves.

Obviously the schedules for the exams and such will have to be changed in light of recent cancellations.  The upside is that all of my classes have some built in flexibility in the schedules.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the winter term never goes as smoothly as you hope.  I’ll be posting a revised schedule for the week tomorrow morning, but it is safe to assume that the assignments given at the last class stand for tomorrow and Thursday and that exams will be pushed off a day or two in the schedule.

No Classes on Tuesday 2/3


I try to alert you guys as soon as possible and it looks like JC will be open tomorrow, BUT I WILL NOT BE HOLDING CLASSES.  Due to a double whammy of my son still rocking a fever and being snowed into my neighborhood by two and a half foot drifts that the county hasn’t gotten to yet I am unable to make it to JC (something I think many of you are facing).

NO BIO220 (lecture/lab) AND NO BIO161(lecture/lab) ON 2/3