CEM131 Practice

I apologize, I am still working on the practice page.  Unfortunately my disease flared after my flu vaccine late last week and I have spent the weekend in bed.  Again, my apologies.

CEM131 Exam 2 Grades

surveyThe grades for Exam 2 are done, along with class grades.  The morning section (CEM131-01) had a class median of 70.5%, so got a 4 point curve.  The afternoon section (CEM131-04) had a class median of 79% and therefore no curve.  Having said that, the scores were much more widely distributed in the morning section than the afternoon section.  There are some other factors that may be resulting in the afternoon section having a higher median that I may need to address on the next exam.

Be sure and start reading through the next chapter in the text, Compounds and their Bonds.

CEM131 Grades

The grades for the CEM131 exam are delayed a bit.  I noticed an error in how the scantron was reading the forms, so I have to go back to originals and check them by hand.  They should be done this evening.

CEM131 – The Question…

So the radiation question got to everyone.  Hopefully you saw that there were two questions in there.  The first (two points) was a simple decay equation for Iodine-131.  The second had a problem.  I went back through the second problem and noticed that the wording was kind of poor and led to some unclear meanings, which is where the issue happened.  Of course the first few times I looked at it I read it like I intended it to sound and it was only as I was working it out on the answer key I noticed the issue.  I’ll give everyone the three points for that part of the problem.

BIO220 Exam 1 Scores

The exam were okay, not spectacular, but not awful.  The class median was 63% and the high score was 94%, so there was a 6% curve to the scores.  I’ll give the exams back in class and we’ll discuss them.


Assignment one for the presentation is to find four (4) valid references for your presentation organism.  We will discuss how you know which one you have in class.  Valid references are primary sources (have an attributable author (NO WIKIPEDIA) and must be formatted in either ALA or MLA format.  See the syllabus for more details.

CEM131 Exam 1 Scores


I finished grading the exams for CEM131 this evening.  Overall I am very pleased.  The normalization was determined independently for each class (to address any changes in my style between classes), but the results were similar between the two sections.  The morning section (CEM131.01) had a median of 69.8% and a high of 90.5%, so they got a 5% curve (I round up on the curves).  The afternoon section (CEM131.04) had a median of 73.4% and a high of 94%, so they got a 1% curve.  The class grade sheets are posted on the course webpage (as I will do after every exam), but you will need to know your student number to read them.  The student number is on your first exam (it is randomly assigned), so you will have to be patient.

Note, we will start chapter 3 tomorrow, the PPTX is posted, and have a daily quiz.  Since we don’t have any new concepts since the last exam, I would bet on definitions.

New sheets with corrected grades have been posted to account for Scantron Key errors.