This next week is the deadline for the first HQV reporting date.  As I described in class these are a requirement to fulfill various federal guidelines.  For this first deadline I very rarely assign anything other than ‘V’ or ‘Q.’  Obviously if you are not attending I will use the ‘Q’ but I don’t feel I have enough information yet to identify those who might be struggling.  As always, be sure to keep in contact with me if you are having issues with class.

Expectations for Week 2 of Classes

General Biology I (BIO161)

  • Lecture: Chapters 21/22 (Evidence for Evolution and Speciation)
  • Lab: Basic Techniques
  • Assessments: 2 Daily Quizzes (20 pts) and 1 weekly lab (10 pts)

Introductory Microbiology (BIO220)

Introductory Chemistry (CEM131)-Lecture Only

  • Lecture: Chapter 1/2
  • Assessments: 2 Daily Quizzes (20 pts)

Notes for the week

This is the second week of classes, where material demands start to pick up. Of note, the classes will have the first exams coming up pretty quickly, so you must be figuring that into your calculations of the time needed on task.

The Start of the Term

Jackson College Logo

The Winter Semester is getting ready to start here at Jackson College.  This term I am teaching three lectures and two labs.

General Biology (BIO161) and lab, Section 01, T/R afternoon

Introductory Microbiology (BIO220) and lab, Section 02, T/R morning

Introductory Chemistry (CEM131), Section 03, M/W afternoon – note that Dr. Ott is teaching the lab for this section.

Please note that every class has its own subpage on the website.  You can find the links in the site menu.

Final Grades

The grades have been finalized and submitted to the JC system.  I do not know when they send out formal grades but my grades are in the system.  Any changes now will have to go through a formal grade change request.

Congratulations and best of luck on the coming terms for you, maybe I’ll see a few of you if I haven’t traumatized you too much.

Final Grades – CEM131

I have graded both sets of finals and the results are as follows.

  • CEM131-01 (Morning) Class Median = 27/60 correct
  • CEM131-04 (Afternoon) Class Median = 34/60 correct
  • National Median = 28/60 correct

I have adjusted each class such that the top score is 100 (which coincidently also brought the medians to roughly 74%) and calculated the final grades.  Remember I calculate each class separately to account for differences in delivery and exposure between sections, though it hasn’t affected the grades.

Of note, one person scored in the 100% percentile nationally on the exam.  A further ten in the afternoon section and one in the morning section scored in the 90th percentile or greater nationally on the exam.  Good job to all of you.

I will leave the grades posted on the course page till Sunday, when I will enter them into the system.  Please contact me with any questions or erroneous entries on the grades prior to then.