Final Grades – CEM131

I have graded both sets of finals and the results are as follows.

  • CEM131-01 (Morning) Class Median = 27/60 correct
  • CEM131-04 (Afternoon) Class Median = 34/60 correct
  • National Median = 28/60 correct

I have adjusted each class such that the top score is 100 (which coincidently also brought the medians to roughly 74%) and calculated the final grades.  Remember I calculate each class separately to account for differences in delivery and exposure between sections, though it hasn’t affected the grades.

Of note, one person scored in the 100% percentile nationally on the exam.  A further ten in the afternoon section and one in the morning section scored in the 90th percentile or greater nationally on the exam.  Good job to all of you.

I will leave the grades posted on the course page till Sunday, when I will enter them into the system.  Please contact me with any questions or erroneous entries on the grades prior to then.

Final Exam – CEM131

I would think the following would be self-evident today, since this is the sixth time we have had an exam this term, but do not forget your calculator and your pencil.

Also, put the damn phones on vibrate or don’t bring them.  I am tired of hearing them go off during a test and hearing a bunch of adults say “I forgot” when it is the end of term.

Neat Way to Study

I now most of you won’t care, but if you are looking for a break that might help you with remembering the chemical symbols you can try this website.

Change the subject to Chemistry and it will quiz you on the chemical symbols while you do some good.

Final Grades – BIO220

Congratulations, you are done with BIO220.

Mr. Thurlow forwarded your final lab grades to me this evening (again, if you have an issue with the lab grade contact Mr. Thurlow), and I have calculated the final grades.  The PDF is on the course page and linked below.  Please check over the grades and confirm with yourself that your records match.  I will leave them up till Sunday and then post them to Jackson College’s system.


Pre Final Exam Grades – CEM131

I finished grading the exams for CEM131 and have calculated the overall score.

Note the new grade sheets have a new grid in place next to the Lab Score with a few pieces of important information.

  • S (on new grid) = Current score out of 800 possible points (includes a zero for the final)
  • GtM = This is the minimum grade you have to get on the final to maintain the grade you see at the top of the grade sheet (only counting 700 points, with all drops).
  • GtU = The grade you need to raise you grade to the next level (it is impossible to go up more than 0.5).  If this is blank you will not be able to raise your grade beyond where you are.

The point of this information is not to discourage (since few can raise their grade), but rather to cut some stress in that most of you have reasonable goals on the final to maintain your current grade.  Sadly, no one currently under a 2.0 is close enough to raise their grade to passing with the final.

Morning Section

Afternoon Section

Note:  You guys really need to study that last unit.  I gave a generous 13 point curve to both sections on that last exam.  That brought the top grade to a 100 (and it was not greater than two standard deviations from the median).

CEM131-04 Grades

Here is an updated gradesheet for CEM131-04 (afternoon class) with the lowest three (3) daily quizzes and lowest lab dropped.  The exam tomorrow can change your point total in the Exam category and then there are one hundred points (100) in the final exam.


BIO220 Grades

The Grades for exam 4 are posted.  The median was a 64%, so there was a 10 pt. curve.  I have dropped the lowest exam from the exam grade now and will update the lab grades on Thursday when Mr. Thurlow gets them to me.  Most of your grades are artificially low because you have not completed the presentation, so take that into account.

BIO220 Exam 4

My apologies, but between the necessities of the end of a term, my last week of lecture in Chemistry, and giving feedback on the PPTX files for various students, I have not finished grading the exam yet. I will have it done by Monday’s class and the grades recalculated at that point. Please note while I will give you a grade for the presentation on the day you present, that grade is temporary and contingent on your attendance at the other talks. If you do not attend the other talks there is a penalty for your presentation grade.

Conjugate acid,base

I’ve thought about it and I would rather you focus on the idea of what am acid and base are than worry about the conjugate acid and base idea at this point. Focus on that party of the work, defining and identifying a BL acid and base and ignore the idea of the conjugate at this point.