Post Exam 2 Grades for BIO161

I have posted the updated grades for BIO161, these include your Lab Quiz 1 scores.  The high (uncurved) was a 22/25, so I added a curve of 3 points to the score.  I want you guys to look hard at the scores.  While many of you are doing quite respectably on the exams, daily quiz averages of 30-50% are not going to cut it unless you have a REALLY high exam average (which most of you don’t).

You need to be focusing on the Daily Quizzes more than you are.  The scores on the last one bothered me particularly because a number of you scored poorly on the last three questions which were binary (choose A or B) and either straight definitions from the readings or headings from sections.

We have a quiz on Tuesday.  Both Chapter 30 and 31 are fair game, I had better see some improvement.

BIO220 Presentation Assignment 2

We will be discussing this tomorrow, but the modified Assignment 2 for the Student Presentations is now posted on the class page.  The assignment will be due next Tuesday and differs slightly from the syllabus copy.  I took a section of assignment 2 out and added more description of goals into the remaining material.

Note, this assignment will need to be emailed to me.

Assignment 2

Week 9

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (3/24): Chapter 31, start Chapter 32, Daily Quiz
  • Thursday (3/26): Daily Quiz, Finish Chapter 32
  • Lab (3/24): Fungus Lab, finish Cnidaria and Porifera

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (3/24): Chapter 8, LR for Heat Effects is Due, Discuss Talk Assignment 2
  • Thursday (3/26): Chapter 8/9
  • Lab (3/24): Retry Isolation Streak, Collect Data for LR3, Setup Dilution Plate Experiment

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (3/23): Daily Quiz, Chapter 6
  • Wednesday (3/25): Daily Quiz, Chapter 6

Projected Exam Dates (tentative)

  • BIO161 – Tuesday, March 31
  • BIO220 – Thursday, April 2
  • CEM131 – Wednesday, April 1

“Half Exam” for Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

DISCLAIMER:  This is a beta run that you guys voted to try.  I am not sure it will be something I do in the future or not.

The goal of splitting the Chapter 5/6 unit into two half exams, one for each chapter, comes from an appreciation of the amount of material covered in this particular unit.  Each of the half-exams will be fifty points (50 pts) and cover the material in that chapter.  Each half-exam will be forty-five (45) minutes at the beginning of class, and there will be a lecture after at least the first one.

Be warned, the material in Chapter 6 does rely on an understanding of chapter 5.

Schedule for Week 8

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (3/17): Give Back Exam, Daily Quiz, Start Chapter 30
  • Thursday (3/19): Daily Quiz, Chapter 30/31
  • Lab (3/17): Lab Quiz 1 (L1-3), Fungus Lab

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (3/17): Give Back Exam, Start Chapter 8
  • Thursday (3/19): Chapter 8
  • Lab (3/17): Retry Isolation Streak, Collect Data for LR2, Setup Differential Media Experiment

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (3/16): Finish Chapter 5, Daily Quiz
  • Wednesday (3/18): Half-Exam 3, Chapter 6

Exam Day!

Some of you may think I sound evil on Exam Days, but the truth is that I am honestly excited.  It is through the exams that I get to learn how effective our collaboration has been.  I really do want every one of you to earn a passing grade, but the key word is “earn.”  Your grade is your own and only you are ultimately responsible for the performance you give today.  As my past grades show the class as a whole is very successful and I want all of you to be in that group.

Best of Luck.

Schedule for Week 7

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (3/10): Finish Chapter 29, Daily Quiz 8
  • Thursday (3/12): Exam 2
  • Lab (3/10): Plants (L5), Give back L3/4, Quiz on L1-3 next week.

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (3/10): Finish Chapter 7
  • Thursday (3/12): Exam 2
  • Lab (3/10): Effect of Heat Treatment on Bacteria (LR2), Retry Isolation Streak

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (3/9): Give Back Exam 2, Daily Quiz, Start Chapter 5
  • Wednesday (3/11): Chapter 5, Daily Quiz

CEM131 Exam 2 Grades

I have posted the grades for the class post Exam 2.  Overall performance was good.  The class median score on the exam was a 69.5% and the high was an 89%, so I curved it 5% (technically should have been 4.5% but I rounded up).  That gave a curved high of 94% and a curved class median of 74.5%.

Post E-2 CEM131 Scores

I94… Again


Yep, yet again I am stuck on I94 in a traffic accident backup. I plan on being there for my 11 o’clock class, as long as this clears on the next hour.

UPDATE:  Yeah, I made it through, only a forty minute delay on the road.