Week 4


  • CEM131 – Start Chapter 3, Daily Quiz
  • No later office hours, Curriculum Meeting


  • BIO220 – Exam 1 (starts at 9:00), Endospore Staining Lab
  • BIO161 – Exam 1, no lab


  • CEM131 – Daily Quiz, Continue in Chapter 3, Emission Spectra Lab


  • BIO220 – Start Chapter 5
  • BIO161 – Daily Quiz, Start Chapter 26

Grades for CEM131

I have finished the first grade set for CEM131.  However, you will have to wait till Monday to get your student number.  The class median on the exam was a 79%, so there was no curve.  In addition, a number of students scored greater than a 90% on the exam.

CEM131 Post Exam 1 PDF

You need a student number to really find your grades, though you could probably do it with your quiz grades if you tried.

New Page on the Side

Some of you noticed the new page in the sidebar.  The current plan is for me to take over Organic Chemistry next year and since it has been a few years since I have taught it, I have been working on the design in my off time.  Amazingly, you cannot simply throw a course together, so it takes me time to get everything ready.

I misspoke in BIO220

On Thursday in BIO220 I misspoke.  I stated that the Exam would be on the date in the syllabus AND next Thursday.  These are two different dates.  The syllabus gives February 7th (Tuesday) as the first Exam date.  We will be sticking to this date.  That will allow us a little review time on Thursday this week.

Drop Date for Classes

Jackson College LogoNot that I think this applies to anyone, but in the spirit of information, the last day to drop any of my courses without receiving a “W” is Friday, January 27th.  After that point you will be considered Withdrawn (“W”) rather than dropped and that has implications on your transcript/financial aid.

CEM131 DQ Answers

Image of a checked box on an examOne of the real challenges in Chemistry is simply getting enough worked examples and practice.  Since I rewrite the Daily Quizzes every term, it is easy for me to post the answers from the quizzes I give you with the calculations worked out.  This isn’t meant as a substitute for actual practice, but rather as a supplement for your use and as insight into how I write chemistry problems.  The PowerPoint is at the bottom of the PowerPoint files on the CEM131 page. It is a live document on Office 365, so it will update each day when I change it.