CEM131 Exam

I do try and get every exam back to you as soon as possible, but a confluence of events has meant I have not finished the last exams yet. I will post the exam grades online when I am done, but at the latest you will get them next Monday.


The exam median was a 64% and the class high was a 90%, so there was a 10 point curve.

Everyone who submitted a formal lab electronically should have an electronically annotated copy back with a grade rubric.  Hard copy submissions will be returned in class today.  One active member of class did not submit the formal lab, I have sent them an email.

We are starting our last chapter today, Chapter 35 (Deuterostomes).  The daily quiz will only be on Chapter 35… but it is a big chapter.  We also have the third lab quiz today, this lab quiz covers Porifera through the squid dissection, so that includes the Cnidaria and all jarred samples also.  Yes, it is visual, I told you last week it would be.

I will be posting the new grade sheet tonight, I figure why not wait till I had the last lab activity and the third lab quiz.  You still have another lab quiz next week (the remaining dissections).

Week 13

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (4/21): Daily Quiz, Chapter 35
  • Thursday (4/23): Daily Quiz, Chapter 35
  • Lab (4/21): Ecology Lab, LAB QUIZ 3 (Porifera through Squid Dissection)

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (4/21):  Chapter 13: Viruses, ASSIGNMENT 4 for Presentation
  • Thursday (4/23): Chapter 14: Epidemiology, UNKNOWN REPORT 2 Due
  • Lab (4/21): UNKNOWN REPORT 1 due, set up tube preps

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (4/20): Exam 4
  • Wednesday (4/22): Daily Quiz, Chapter 9

Next Exams Dates

  • BIO161 – Exam 5 (4/30), Final (5/7)
  • BIO220 – Exam 4 (4/30)
  • CEM131 – Exam 5 (5/4), Final (5/6)

BIO220 Class – Thursday 4/16

My apologies, but lecture will have to be cancelled today.  I presently have not voice.  Seriously, I sound like Leonard Cohen gargling a bucket of rusty nails (if you got that reference, congrats you are as old a foggy as me).  I have the hard copy outlines complete and you can stop by my office to get them.  The electronically submitted ones should be back to you by this afternoon.  The PowerPoint files are due on TUESDAY, APRIL 21 IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT (emailed).

In terms of lab, I have the data set you need to make your Dichotomous Keys for the unknown project, it is on the class webpage and linked below.  The Keys will be moved to THURSDAY, APRIL23 as the due date.

This will only affect the schedule in a minor way.  The test for Unit 4 will be moved to the Thursday of the week before the end of term, and we will do the third session of talks during your scheduled lab time on Tuesday of finals week.  Yeah, I wanted to sleep in that day too, but such is life.  Remember, attendance at the talks is mandatory.

Now, I am going to take more steroids and try to get my voice back.

If you are reading this BIO161, YOU STILL HAVE YOUR EXAM TODAY, I don’t need my voice for that.

W15 Unknown Data Table

BIO161 Exam 4

I’ve decided that the life cycle for Schistasoma will not be covered in great detail on the exam.  There might be a few questions here or there, but no detailed life cycle.

Daily Quiz

In both Introductory Chemistry (CEM131) and General Biology I (BIO161) I give daily quizzes.  By my count there will be five (5) more quizzes in CEM131 and four (4) in BIO161.  After the quizzes are completed I will drop your three (3) lowest daily quiz scores.

Week 12

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (4/14): Daily Quiz, Chapter 34
  • Thursday (4/16): EXAM4
  • Lab (4/7): Ecology Lab OR Frog/Pigeon Dissection (dependent on weather)

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (4/14):  Chapter 12: Fungi/Protists/Helminthes, ASSIGNMENT 3 for Presentation
  • Thursday (4/16): Chapter 13: Viruses
  • Lab (4/16): Start Isolation and Plate Cultures of Unknown

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (4/13): Daily Quiz, Chapter 8
  • Wednesday (4/15): Daily Quiz, Chapter 8

Next Exams Dates

  • BIO161 – Exam 4 (4/16), Exam 5 (4/30), Final (5/7)
  • BIO220 – Exam 4 (4/28)
  • CEM131 – Exam 4 (4/20), Exam 5 (5/4), Final (5/6)

Exam 3 and Assignment 3/4

I did finish your exams last night.  The Mean was a 66% and the High Score (uncurved) was a 97%.  However, the high was a statistical anomaly, so it was dropped from consideration and the next highest score of 84% was used.  This gave a curve of 8% (mean to 74%).  The new grade sheet will be posted when I finish the labs (hopefully this weekend).

I will get Assignment 2 back to you by tomorrow night, but we need to start on Assignment 3/4.  Assignment 3/4 is a two part assignment.

Assignment 3 for Presentation (Due Tuesday April 14, 2015)

For Assignment 3 you need to prepare an outline of your talk and submit it either in class or electronically.  The outline should cover all the sections addressed in the talk rubric (see class website).  An example of the outline is presented on the class website.  Assignment 3 is worth 1 pt, but failure to submit will result in a 10 point penalty on Assignment 4.

Assignment 4 for Presentation (Due Tuesday 21, 2015)

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION REQUIRED.  Using feedback from outline develop a PowerPoint (Google Slides/Prezi/Sway are also acceptable) presentation for your talk.  Address all aspects of the talk rubric for form and content.  Submissions can be the original files or links to online files (e.g. Prezi).  This is worth 29 pts.