Week 4

Agenda for Week 4


  • CEM131 – Daily Quiz, Atomic Structure (Chapter 3)


  • BIO220 – Go Over Exam 1, Introduction to Thermodynamics and Enzymes (Chapter 5), Endospore Lab (Competence 4)
  • BIO161 – Go Over Exam 1, Daily Quiz, The Origin of Life, Systematics Lab


  • CEM131 – Daily Quiz, Finish Electron Structure (Chapter 3), possibly start Chapter 4, Emission Spectrum Lab


  • BIO220 – Enzyme Process and Glycolysis
  • BIO161 – Daily Quiz, Viruses

Tentative Exam Dates Coming Up

  • BIO161 – February 25, 2016
  • BIO220 – March 8, 2016
  • CEM131 – February 22, 2016

Welcome to Winter 2016

Jackson College LogoWelcome to the start of the Winter 2016 term here at Jackson College.  I am currently teaching three courses this term.  My Introductory Chemistry (CEM131) course is on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 2:30, with a lab from 2:30 to 4:30 on Wednesday afternoons.  Introductory Microbiology (BIO220) is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11 to 12:30, with a lab 9 to 11 on Tuesday mornings (though we will switch the order on Tuesdays as needed).  My final class in General Biology (BIO161) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 2:30, with a lab from 2:30 to 5:30 on Tuesday afternoons.

I have office hours at the following times:

  • Monday and Wednesday: 10 – 1
  • Thursday: 9 – 11 / 2:30 – 4

My office is in JM136A which is west of the bathrooms in the first floor, south hallway.  I’ll see all of you in class.

Agenda for Week 1


  • CEM131 – Introduction, Syllabus, and Start Chapter 1


  • BIO220 – Introduction, Syllabus, Nature of Science, and Start Nature of Science Lab
  • BIO161 – Introduction, Syllabus, Nature of Science and Lab Safety


  • CEM131 – Return Learning Agreement (DQ1), Mathematics of Chemistry, and Measurements/Graphing Lab


  • BIO220 – History of Microbiology(Chapter 1) and start of Chemistry (Chapter 2)
  • BIO161 – Return Learning Agreement (DQ1), What is Biology (Chapter 1) and the History of Evolution Theory

Tentative Exam Dates Coming Up

  • BIO161 – February 4, 2016
  • BIO220 – February 4, 2016
  • CEM131 – February 1, 2016

Course Refresh

It is the start of the year, so I have archived last term and reset the course pages for the Winter 2016 term.  You will find the new syllabuses and schedules there, and below.

  • BIO161 – General Biology 1
  • BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology
  • CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

I expect all students to have the text(s) for the course within the first week of class.

BIO161 grades

I’ve caught up on everything for BIO161 and posted the pre-final grades for BIO161.  Here is the breakdown.

  • CG… Is your current letter grade out of 785 points with all dropped scores accounted for.
  • FINAL… This is the percentile grade you would get for the course if you do not take the final at all, hence your lowest possible grade (your current total/895).
  • GTS… This is what you need on the final to stay at your current letter grade (or to get a 2.0 if you are <2.0 right now).
  • GTR… This is what you need on the final to raise 0.5 letter grades from your CG.

Note, blanks in GTS and GTR mean it is mathematically impossible.

The E5 went okay, there was a curve of 11 points overall.

BIO220 and CEM131 Grades

I have posted two new grade sheets.

CEM131… this grade sheet takes into account all drops and such.  The only grade missing is the final.  The grade sheet is divided into five columns.

  • Total = your total number of points right now, without taking the final.
  • Percent = your lowest possible grade, this is if you didn’t take the final.
  • GTS = Grade To Stay at the current grade you would have without the final.
  • GTR = Grade To Rise to the next letter grade from what you have now.
  • CG = Current grade, without the final… This is NOT what you would get if you didn’t take the final, this is an artificial grade based on all drops, but no final, just to give you an idea of where you are at.

BIO220… grade sheet is complete, including drops for the people not in orange.  Those in orange have their talks on Thursday so their grade is still dependent on how they do then.  This accounts for the dropped exam.  The median on E5 was 65%, with a curve of 9 points.  Overall performance was poorer, but this is most likely to do with 4/5 top scorers in the class not taking the exam (hence raising the curve).