Daily/Weekly Quizzes

Many of you are struggling with the Daily Quizzes in BIO161 and the Weekly Reading Quizzes in BIO140. These quizzes are open, hand-written notes and meant to help you focus your active reading and studying. In general half of the questions come from the previous day (usually out of the PowerPoint file) and the other half come from the reading. The PowerPoint questions should be pretty straight forward, if you are processing the material and rewriting notes based on your understanding after class. The new questions usually come heavily from terminology or significant numbers/figures/tables from the chapter.

The Week of October 17

Below is a breakdown of the coming class days


  • Tuesday (10/18) – Weekly Quiz, Chapter 11-12


  • Tuesday (10/18) – Daily Quiz, Chapter 29, Lab Quiz, Finish Prokaryote lab
  • Thursday (10/20) – Exam 2 (Chapters 26-29), Lab Quiz, Finish Prokaryote Lab


  • Tuesday (10/18) – Chapter 6/7, Endospore Lab, Streak Plating
  • Thursday (10/20) – Chapter 7

The Coming Week Schedule

For those of you who asked, my wife is doing fine and recovering, thank you for your concern. Below is a breakdown of the coming class days, through next Thursday.


  • Tuesday (10/11) – Presentation Assignment 1 is due, Weekly Quiz, Chapters 9-10


  • Thursday (10/6) – Daily Quiz, Chapter 27, NO LAB
  • Tuesday (10/11) – Daily Quiz, Chapter 27, Start Prokaryote Lab
  • Thursday (10/13) – Daily Quiz, Chapter 28 (Exclude 28.4&28.5), Start Prokaryote Lab


  • Thursday (10/6) – Chapter 5 (Enzymes)
  • Tuesday (10/11) – Presentation Assignment 1 is due, Chapter 5 (Glycolysis), Gram Stain/Streaking Lab
  • Thursday (10/16) – Chapter 5 (TCA Cycle and Electron Trasport)

Grades and Presentation Topics

The Post Exam 1 grades are posted for BIO161 and BIO220.  The grades are posted by random student number (on top of your graded exam), and subcategories are outlined below for each rubric area.

For BIO220, you presentation topics are up also.  Look in the Materials section at the top of the course page under “Class Presentation Topics.”

Remember, NO CLASSES/LABS tomorrow (October 4, 2016) due to my wife’s surgery.

Exam One… and Daily Quizzes

I’ve been grading exam one for both BIO220 and BIO161.  First, let me tell the BIO220 students a little anecdote.  Do you know the number one thing I hear from former BIO220 students who are now in the nursing program?  It is always the same, “I wish I still had your tests Dr. Ireland, they were so much easier.”  I don’t think my exams are easy, but I think the students don’t realize that each move forward in their career is going to involve large jumps in difficulty, not small steps, so when they get to the nursing program (a second-admit program), they face a much bigger challenge.  Some of you are going to be disappointed in your BIO220 exam grades, I can’t help that.  I can only tell you to try and learn from the experience because it isn’t going to get easier.

Off to finish grading the BIO161 exams.  Hopefully, they leave me in a different mood.  By the way, it should be obvious from the syllabus and schedule, but the new chapter we cover is Chapter 26, and yes there will be a quiz tomorrow.

Case Study 1-BIO140

As a few of you have pointed out, there has been a change to the access protocols that I have asked you to work with.  I’ll rewrite the procedure and change the due date to the following week.

UPDATE, the Case Study has been updated for the new Database system (WONDER) at the CDC.  I’ve rewritten it and added the new link, it will be due on 9/27/16.

Issue with Links

There seems to have been a problem with some of the links in the BIO220 site.  I think I have solved those.  Please email me if you find any other dead links.  UPDATE: I also fixed the BIO161 link.  I think it might have had to do with a OneDrive update over the summer.  I’ll double check the rest of the units tomorrow.

Under Construction

Welcome to Fall 2016 Term at Jackson College


It is the start of term here at Jackson College, and I wish everyone the best of luck and with hard work I know it will go well.  Please note that my schedule of classes has changed from the original postings on E-services.  Due to a last minute change I am not teaching the M/W afternoon section of CEM131, Mr. Singer is.  I will be back to Chemistry next term, I just needed to cover another course instead this term.  Another note is that one of my classes, BIO140, is on the Maher campus this fall, so the BIO161 lab will not be allowed to run over (so I can make it to the other campus).

With the last minute changes my schedule got compacted and as a result I will not have time for office hours on Tuesday or Thursday for the most part.  I will be in most of Monday for office hours and can schedule on Wednesday also (as needed).

Again, best of luck and let me see the hard work.

Last Minute Course Change

Due to some unforeseeable changes his term, my teaching load will be different than I originally had.  I will NOT be teaching the M/W afternoon CEM131 class.  My Tuesday and Thursday is very packed, but Monday and Wednesday will be very open.  I’ll probably be around a lot on those days, just skipping between meetings, prep work and hanging in my office.