Penultimate BIO161 Grades

The Spreadsheet below has the penultimate grades in BIO161.  The GRADE is calculated as though you have a zero on the final (worst case scenario).  In order to know what you need to get on the final to get the grade you want you simply subtract the GRADE from the minimum percentage of the final grade you want and multiply the number by 10.  Remember that there are only 100 points on the final :)

Example, you have a current GRADE of 74.5 and want a 3.0.  The minimum grade for a 3.0 is 80%, so you subtract GRADE from that (80-74.5) and get 5.5.  Then multiply that by 10 to get 55%.  You need a 55% on the final to get a 3.0.



The Spreadsheet has the final grades for the CEM131 class.  The median on the final was 32/60 (the other full time professor’s class got a 33/60) so there was a 21% curve (adjusting the median grade of 53% to 74%).  The top grade (uncurved) was a 78% which is in the 99th percentile nationwide.  Overall, excellent job and good luck in the future.  Take a moment to check over your grade, I’ll post them to Eservices in a couple of days.


Penultimate CEM131 Grades

Alright, let me explain this grade sheet.  The GRADE column is what your grade is right now, with a zero on the final.  This is a worst case scenario, as low as you can go.  The “To Go Up” column is the grade you need on the final to go up to the next grade level (from 2 to 2.5 for example) from the worst case scenario I just mentioned.  The “Go up 2″ column is what it would take to go up two grade levels (from 2 to 3 for example) from the worst case scenario.  For those of you below 2.0 in the worst case scenario, the “to go up” number is to get to 2.0.

Notice that many of you have to do very little to go up to the “next level” because your grade is currently artificially low (you technically have a zero on the final).  You should be aiming for the “Go Up 2″ column.

Penultimate Grade Sheet


The grades are completed for BIO220.  I always post my grades for a few days on here before I officially post them so that any errors can be caught before it has to be a formal grade change request.  Please look over the grades and email me with any questions.


Post E4 grades for CEM131

I published the grades for the class, post E4.  Note, we have two daily quizzes left and since I drop three, I have dropped the first one as of today.  You will see it as a blank in the grade field for that daily quiz and the grade moved to EX1.  Those of you with missing quizzes already have an A over there and a blank in your grade sheet.

CEM131 Exam

I do try and get every exam back to you as soon as possible, but a confluence of events has meant I have not finished the last exams yet. I will post the exam grades online when I am done, but at the latest you will get them next Monday.


The exam median was a 64% and the class high was a 90%, so there was a 10 point curve.

Everyone who submitted a formal lab electronically should have an electronically annotated copy back with a grade rubric.  Hard copy submissions will be returned in class today.  One active member of class did not submit the formal lab, I have sent them an email.

We are starting our last chapter today, Chapter 35 (Deuterostomes).  The daily quiz will only be on Chapter 35… but it is a big chapter.  We also have the third lab quiz today, this lab quiz covers Porifera through the squid dissection, so that includes the Cnidaria and all jarred samples also.  Yes, it is visual, I told you last week it would be.

I will be posting the new grade sheet tonight, I figure why not wait till I had the last lab activity and the third lab quiz.  You still have another lab quiz next week (the remaining dissections).

Week 13

BIO161 – General Biology I

  • Tuesday (4/21): Daily Quiz, Chapter 35
  • Thursday (4/23): Daily Quiz, Chapter 35
  • Lab (4/21): Ecology Lab, LAB QUIZ 3 (Porifera through Squid Dissection)

BIO220 – Introductory Microbiology

  • Tuesday (4/21):  Chapter 13: Viruses, ASSIGNMENT 4 for Presentation
  • Thursday (4/23): Chapter 14: Epidemiology, UNKNOWN REPORT 2 Due
  • Lab (4/21): UNKNOWN REPORT 1 due, set up tube preps

CEM131 – Introductory Chemistry

  • Monday (4/20): Exam 4
  • Wednesday (4/22): Daily Quiz, Chapter 9

Next Exams Dates

  • BIO161 – Exam 5 (4/30), Final (5/7)
  • BIO220 – Exam 4 (4/30)
  • CEM131 – Exam 5 (5/4), Final (5/6)